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All children have the right to play, always, anywhere.

As an architect and child educator, it is my mission to design places where all diverse aspects of play are included. Places where children can play and grow, rest and  dream, learn and move, process, shout, fantasize or socialize, to become strong and be free.

We achieve this through a strong participatory approach, co-designing and even co-building. We come up with tailor-made solutions that go beyond a standardised piece of playground equipment. 

Over the past 17 years Space for Play has grown into an international network of partners, experienced in co-designing spaces to play & meet.


Korthals Altes

Architect & teacher

Designing great spaces for play requires teamwork.
Most projects are done in collaboration with :

Teixeira dos Santos

Urban designer/ architect. Placemaker. Gender equality advocate

van Helden

Architect. Designing for public space. 

Tiel Groenestege

Product designer, urban designer. Studio SOMA

Ben Othmane Hamrouni

Architect. Urban development strategist. Researcher.