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Our vision at


community playspaces

Space for Play turns spaces into community places for all. Creating places for children and their community to play, to move, to learn, and to meet. But this is not a one-man job. We always design together with children and their community,  with local key-players and architects.

Our approach reflects this:

  1. Participation: We start with a tailor-made participatory process to uncover the needs, dreams and fears, from children and their community. In schools we give climate classes and help teachers in linking their educational vision to the outdoor space. 
  2. Co-design: The Co-design sessions with kids, parents and community organizers  are  a key ingredient in our design process. We take all input seriously, resulting in innovative solutions and designs, embraced by the community.
  3. Co-construct: In the co-construction workshops the community is involved in actually building their space for play. Empowerment and ownership guaranteed.

It’s only by working TOGETHER that we can make spaces for play that work for ALL.

Do you share this approach? Let ‘s collaborate