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Space for play


Korthals Altes

Since 2004, I design spaces for play. I create multi-facetted spaces in which all children and other community members, can find their place to play, to meet, to chill and to move.

With a MA in architecture (TU Delft ) and an MA from the pedagogical academy for primary school teaching – I bring a unique perspective on creating  play spaces that work.

Diversity of play. I want every child – the  builders and porters, the dreamers and the doers, the athletic and the visionaries – to find their place inside our playgrounds. Not once or twice, but again and again. I design by enhancing diversity of play with simple solutions. 

The play space as a micro-kosmos,a multi-facetted safe and challenging world for children. And at the same time incorporating solutions to current climatological and social challenges.

I always combine play spaces with specific local issues, such as rainwater detention, reducing heat stress, re-using materials, increasing bio-diversity, stimulating active play or nature education.

The right to play. I strongly believe in the right to play. I have worked in The Netherlands, Benin, Egypt, South-Korea and Rwanda. My goal is to enhance opportunities for all children to play freely. I have worked closely with global organizations to create free space for play and to empower children – and their surroundings – to advocate for their right to play, and to empower them to take action.

I am always interested in the opportunity to exchange views  to explore possible partnerships, to work on new challenges or participatory projects.  Just send an email to or use my contactform