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Consulting Mexican architects pre-school play areas

It is such a pleasure to share knowledge and experience, in consultation of a team of 6 great Mexican architects & urban designers in designing playspaces for 10 pre-schools. In several (long distance) design sessions we are guiding the architects in their designs of 3 examplar play area’s for the pre-schools in the South of Mexio. It is inspiring, fun and rewarding to assist the wonderful people of placemaking Mexico, to co-design the play area’s of the preschools: how can you design simple interventions – linked to their natural surroundings, their culture and traditions- inviting children to play & learn.

ChallengeLimited time to teach basics of designing for play and guiding in design process. Wish we had more sessions.
ProcessFirst an introduction lecture to 80 attendants, architects, municipality, child workers, organisations. Then more detailed presentation in which I shared basic pedagogical knowledge in designing for children. Design tasks & assignments. Feedback and co-design sessions.
ResultDesigns finished end of Sept 2022, construction Dec 2022. Pictures will follow