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Geniena Cairo

In partnership with Takween integrated development office / Tadamun, we have designed a central public area to play and meet, and some scattered satellites for play,  in Masaken Othman. The project was funded by UNHCR. A project publication can be found here.

ChallengeNeighborhood in the 6th of October district, facing multidisciplinary difficulties. In the area many internally displaced and international refugees live in the social housing blocks.
ProcessMembers of communities have been engaged in the planning, design and implementation of public space improvements, to create safe and stimulating outdoor area for gathering and playing that is inviting and accessible for all – especially women and children, regardless of their nationality.
ResultThe multifunctional area is functioning well. All children and their parents can safely play here and meet each other. The place has catalysed livelihood around it, to name some: a transportation hub, a small market and sporting fields. Several workshops and the shared space for all, has inspired and taught 25 students and architects to design inclusive space to play and meet.