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childfriendly &
resilient cities

Childfriendly & resilient cities:   the importance is obvious.

But HOW do you bring this into practice?

Many cities want to integrate their local climatological, social and urban challenges within playspace, but often lack knowledge or experience is lacking to design pedagogic well-founded designs.  

Some of the topics we address are:

  • How can we integrate play with the climatological needs in densifying cities, based on your local challenges? 
  • How can your designers, architects, urban planners, design places for children and their community which WORK, for all? 
  • Which different methods can you use to involve children and their community? 
  • How can you set up a participatory approach, fitting your unique situation? Which types of meaningful interaction are possible? 
  • How to turn urban schoolyards or playgrounds into durable climate resilient green places to play? 
  • How to design for and with children, getting the most out of the process & the results?

My educational background inspires me to create workshops, presentations and educational programmes in which each participant is involved

Attendants and participants get inspired, gain practical tools, new insights and knowledge. They leave ready to bring it into practice.