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Nature Heroes

We are proud of the process we have developed throughout the years.

  1. Climate classes
  2. Co-design
  3. Co-construct
  4. Co-maintain

The co-maintain is most challenging: how to keep children engaged in their climate adaptive play area? In dense urban areas children are not used to natural surroundings, to be careful with plants and shrubs. Many schools with – at start amazing green schoolyards-  face the negative impact of the lack of knowledge of children. It starts with a good design : enough space for challenging and fast play, sufficient smart exploration paths to cut-off. But we can enhance children’s natural fascination for nature, stimulate their intrinsic love for taking care, help them to protect their greenery! We developed the ‘nature heroes’. Every day two nature heroes are the ‘plant protectors’, they explore, share their findings, warn other children, water or cut the plants. CHILDREN LOVE IT!