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We are currently working on 2 unique green schoolyards :

  1. for De Fakkel – which will get a beautiful extension, by Brique architects; we will design the outdoor spaces suiting the educational vision of the school
  2. for Leeuwesteyn, which will get an amazing new schoolbuilding, around which we will design the challenging terrased outdoor spaces.

Is your schoolbuilding being renovated or will your school even move to a new building? Let’s make use of the occasion and improve your schoolyard, following your school’s educational vision, the climate challenges! If you integrate your vision upon education into the indoor space, why not make use of the outdoor spaces as well? Don’t let the outdoor space come too late in the process …. Contact us to explore your opportunities.


Current schoolyard designs

Within the renovation of a schoolbuilding, people often hesitate to integrate the opportunities the outdoor space can offer for their children & the neighbourhood, within the process.
The earlier the outdoor space is taken into account, the better the results can be.
An outdoor space, which suits your educational and social vision. An outdoor space integrating needs and wishes of children and the community, integrating climate challenges and education, offering your children outdoor learning and development.