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Real Play City Challenge 2022 – Highly commended project

Turn Grey > Green in a Golden process by Space for Play was selected as a highly commended project for the Real Play City Challenge 2022, in the category Places Where Play Supports Climate Action.

The Real Play City Challenge 2022, by Real Play Coalition and PlacemakingX, celebrates playful placemaking around the world, helping local communities overcome global challenges.

Space for Play has a mission: We are borrowing the planet from our children, it is our duty to improve their city’s climate and to provide this future generation with tools to take climate action. Children in densifying cities are lacking space to play freely, the lucky minority goes to play spaces, and the majority has too little space to play. It is our duty to provide all children with inclusive, free spaces to play. Grey goes Green in a golden process, combining solutions for all these challenges!

To know more about The Real Play City Challenge 2022, check out this link.