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Rwanda Power of Play

Children as architects! Together with Right to Play & Jantje Beton we have initiated and collaboratively set up The Power of Play Project.

We developed a manual for teachers, a train the trainers manual and a co-design catalogue for the architects,  to create a co-design workshop improving the schoolyards of 25 schools in Rwanda  with and for the (at least 12.000) schoolchildren.

ChallengeAn average of 750 children per school: high capacity durable elements necessary. International collaboration worked best when we jointly developed the manuals and when we conducted the trainings. Long distance guidance in simple multifunctional high capacity child-friendly design is challenging.
ProcessThe children of 25 schools were the primary architects: they mapped the location, interviewed their peers and the community, analysed the playground, and made the masterplans. We translated the children's input into design of 30+ basic elements. Architects whom we have trained have made the final design combining of all our elements.
ResultConstruction of the first 5 schools has started. First school has been succesfully constructed. Keep updated to see more results.