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Amsterdam ZuidOost Urban & Greens

Around primary school De Schakel in Amsterdam Zuid Oost, Together with Studio SOMA  we designed 3 complementary but connected schoolyards around Primary school De Schakel. One completely paved square has been transformed into an oasis of green, including Amsterdam’s first Tiny forest! The front square has an urban character aiming at inclusivity & moving. It includes 2 sporting fields, a green wall, play elements challenging for every child, and a racing track including Amsterdam’s first speedometer. Great fun
Challenge3 locations around school, Public space, semi-public space and a semi-private space. Very diverse needs and requirements. Budgets different. How to design three complementary spaces but ensure visual and physical connection?
ProcessChildren have given strong input during participation: the importance of sports - specifically basketball and softball -, more trees & flowers, and even dance & performing stood out. We have combined all these diverse needs in the design. During the implementation process we have worked hard to get all realised, with extra funding from the municipality and funding organisations.
ResultAll constructed and planted, growing well, kids enjoying, rangers of their tiny forest, cooking with their harvested vegetables, running, climbing, exploring.