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Special needs school

A schoolyard for children with special needs:

nothing special but very diverse and differentiated.

highly challenging ánd low-stimulus places, multi-sensorial

ánd soothing places, places for football ánd places for fantasyplay.

ChallengeCould you change these grey tiled vast surfaces into green schoolyards, to bring back our children's positive behaviour which we see in the outdoor schoolcamps?
ProcessIn depth study of requirements for the diverse special needs, resulting in a detailed zoning, with many extra's.
ResultHappyer kids, choosing type of play they need at that time, e.g. in :
the multi sensorial garden/ the low stimulus hang-out between blossoms / the challenging play elements/ on the discovery pathways. When entering or exiting the school, they stroke&smell the herbal table-planters. All classes have adopted a small part of the schoolyard to take care of.