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For each situation


What is
your goal?

Our made-to-measure participation takes into account the local challenges, the children or adults involved, the exact goals and the local situation.  

I have set up and lead many participatory approaches, with diverse goals, such as:

  • including children’s ideas
  • teaching children new skills or about environmental issues.
  • increasing local ownership
  • enhancing mutual understanding between diverse user groups, such as host communities and refugees.
  • integrating different needs within one plan. 
  • bringing in knowledge from local experts and organisations. 

A participation process can be short – if participants’ input is most important-, it can stretch over several sessions, if the goal involves actually teaching or empowering participants through the process.

I lead workshops for all ages  – children, teenagers, adults- in sharing and categorising their experiences, needs, wishes or alleged threats. Together we can translate these into a concrete set of requirements.

In setting up new participation projects, I build on the diverse formats I have developed: from dialogue sessions, social mapping tours, dialogue-& craft sessions, lesson courses, participatory games, interviews, discussion meetings, to longer municipal public participation processes. 

I develop and lead each project to ensure strong  involvement of all participants. Send me a messageI am happy to brainstorm out-of-the-box solutions with you.