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Utrecht Leeuwesteyn

New schoolbuilding New Schoolyard!

In 2020 Space for Play had designed the temporary play space for Kindcentrum Leeuwesteyn. In 2021 the school asked Space for Play to design the schoolyard around their new building as well, following their educative goals. Two classes followed our lessons about climate & theory of play, and co-designed with us. We have integrated all into the relatively small space, a compact climate adaptive schoolyard, consisting of 3 main islands, intersecting straighnt diagonals with more fluent differentiated routes. We have used U-elements as diversion, seating and balancing elements, and as outdoor classes. The playable wadi contains rain water infiltration crates. Atelier tables, a roof terrace with vegetable gardens and den building places respond to the school’s educative vision. We reused the existing play elements, huge oak wood trunks and the pear trees from the temporary location.