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Currently working on the design of a resilient community square in Haarlem:

An integral vision for ‘just a playground renovation’ was received with such enthusiasm by the Haarlem Municipality, they extended our assignment into a preliminary design for the whole square.

We will make a design for a climate-proof, multi-generational, multi-functional community square in this old dense neighborhood. A square where playing is combined with water detention, where sporting meets co-building, where socializing happens in a cooling oasis: we will design a climate resilient Brouwersplein together with the community!

Resilient community square Haarlem

A design which will integrate solutions for:
Rain water detention problems in the area
Heat stress in this area
Social safety issues on this square
Lack of sporting facilities
Slightly deteriorated playground
Wish for natural play
Het proces
Community consultation. Child participation. Strong collaboration with municipal urban and landscape designers.
....Work in progress....