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I have shared my knowledge & experience, inspired people, taught and learned from others, on numerous international occasions, ranging from practical workshops to large audience presentations.

Some of the topics that I address are:

  • How to design pedagogically rich play spaces, without catalogue play equipment?
  • How to involve the community in their resilient and child-friendly environment?
  • How to integrate climatological challenges in public play spaces?
  • How to design meaningful participation processes, from an integrated perspective?
  • How to design playspaces enhancing 21st century skills?

I have led numerous workshops, given lectures, trainings and presentations in Spain, South-Korea, Croatia, Belgium, Egypt, The Netherlands,and Rwanda.

Here is what I offer

  • In-depth knowledge
  • practical applicable methods
  • inspiration
  • interactive and hands-on lectures
  • contagious enthousiasm.

Previous workshops and presentations

Rwanda training the trainers in child-centered design: “how to make children the architects of the plans?”

Cairo workshop:placemaking for children
Risk & potentials mappnig

Seoul presentation I: “why greening schoolyards *together with children* is more important than ever” on Symposium for Seoul Metropolitan Government & Child Fund Korea

Antwerp Presentation: “sustainable schoolyards” on Child in The City Conference 2019, Antwerp Belgium

Madrid presentation: “Re-using materials in playgrounds” on ‘re-lab’s laboratory at great architectural activist’s organisation Basurama.

Split Croatia presentation: ‘designing for & with children’ on URBACT’ international symposium in Split, Croatia.

Amsterdam municipality Lecture ” green schoolyard: vision –> design.”, Amsterdam 2019

Architects, local municipalities, students Workshops child participation.

Seoul Urban regeneration center, workshop architects & urbanists: ‘approaches to participatory design’

Tour & Lecture for  a group of professionals from Western Balkan countries from EU project RE:PLAY about “Greening Schoolyards with a Participatory design process”

South Korean Institute for Landscape  Institute, webinar on greening the city, I hold a lecture focusing on the potentials of greening schoolyards in urban settings.

Girls in public space: gender-inequity starting at schoolyards. Presentation in Belgium, “what can we as urban desigers do to stimulate equal use of play space by boys and girls?’ Differences are too high to ignore, e.g. active versus sedentary play behavior and the appropriation of space. Assigned by Stichting Kind& Samenleving and Stadsform.