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Zeeburg Montessori Kind Centrum

How to combine a greener and climate proof schoolyard with intensive use and maintenance requirements in public space? Together with Emma van Helden, we designed a strong zig zag creating seatings, planters and an outdoor class.

ChallengeCombining the school's vision & wishes (free play, outdoor class, planting and trees) with requirements for Amsterdam's public space on a relatively small space and a sidewalk with underground infrastructure..
ProcessIntensive process, with regular communication to meet both the requirements of Amsterdam municipality and of the school : teachers, head of school and board.
ResultPLANTS and TREES will follow in NOVEMBER!
Strong multifunctional urban elements - a zigzag and cilinders - to protect plants, shrubs and trees, to wait or follow outdoor classes, and to divide the space : uniquely woodchips were allowed in public space due to these high surroundings
Integrated fence with bike-parking.
Longitudinal sidewalk play elements on a sidewalk which is closed off during recess.