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Inclusive playspace Manshiet Nasr Cairo

Complete design and building supervision of a playground for children with (dis-)abilities in “garbage village”, Manshiet Nasr

ChallengeCreating a safe haven within 'garbage village', for a school for children with diverse disabilities, physical, mental and visual, in order to play, laugh, learn and to increase their ABILITIES
Low budget. Relatively small location, sewage difficulties.
ProcessCreated chances wherever possible. Integrated upcycled elements. Initiated the production of birdnest-swings in Egypt. Learned from local builders and experts during intensive supervision of the construction.
ResultA compact and high diversity of multi use elements, inviting for different types of play. Physically challenging  play elements are increasing in difficulty so that children practice their different abilities. I initiated and advised a local factory to produce a nest swing, which is now part of their collection. I organised B-choice concrete sewage pipes as planters.